By: Eric Bedrosian

From pin trading to exploring the new capital of the Midwest, Global Finals 2019 gave HSE DI'ers and other students from dozens of countries around the world an opportunity to show off their creative thinking, problem solving, and teamwork skills to a global audience. Over a course of 5 days, teams competed in one of six challenges against numerous teams. Each group completed not only their main challenge at the KCCC, but in instant challenge at The Westin. Outside of the competition, HSE teams went to nightly events including the Box and Ball Bash. This event took over the entire convention center and gave kids a chance to party hard and enjoy a night under the stars of Kansas City (Whilst dodging tornados!)

Our teams were very successful during the week, with a large amount scoring in the Top 10 and a group of teams placing in top 2! Below are the results of our teams:


EL- We Don't Have a Name Yet (13th place)

ML- DInosaurs (2nd place and renaissance award)

DInsteins (7th place)

SL- The Busted Biscuits (7th place)

Super Dupers (1st place and Da Vinci award)


SL- Fierce 7 (5th place)


EL- Smooth Like a Waffle (14th place)

SL- Frozen Explosion (13th place)


EL- Poke you in DI (2nd place)

ML- DIsorganized and DIstracted (26th place)

SL- Made with real cheese (2nd place)

We haven't figureD It out yet (13th place)

Congratulations to all teams and we cannot wait for the next season. And don't forget, the DI season begins in August this year! Please visit the DI website for previews of the challenges for the 2019-2020 season. From making an invention to moving weights across a bridge, what will your team decide to do?


From building a bridge to exploring photography to experimenting with sound effects, we have six new competitive 2019-20 Team Challenges that will inspire your team’s journey through the creative process and enable your team members to acquire and practice the skills needed to succeed in school, careers, and beyond—all while having the best experience possible.

First Looks allow you to know even more about this year's challenges including details and a scoring sheet. Click here to see more



If you are interested in being on a DI Team, you need to complete the survey at Team placement closes at 10:00 PM on Tuesday, September 11.

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